South Burlington's Recreation Path and Pedestrian Facilities

South Burlington's approximately 24-mile multi-use path, a work in progress begun in 1990, is designed to connect our neighborhoods, schools, parks and commercial areas to each other as well as to connect to the paths of our neighboring communities.  The path is maintained year-round, and is almost always a wonderful place to enjoy some time outside walking, jogging, stroller pushing, dog walking, or bicycling.
We encourage you to explore a safe, pollution free alternative route to our City’s parks, businesses, schools and neighborhoods and find our “hidden” gems! 
Because the path has been built in fits and starts through the work of citizen groups, grants, a bond and developers, there are significant gaps in the path.  One of the goals of the Bike-Pedestrian Committee is to start filling those gaps. Gaps can be as small as the lack of a crosswalk on a busy street, a pedestrian unfriendly major intersection such as Swift and Spear Streets, or as large as the lack of bike lanes on commuter routes. It’s time to start filling the gaps.

 A Penny for Paths-Close the Gaps To be Vote on August 14th

 “Penny for Paths-Close the Gaps” would provide a dependable source of funding for the next 10 years to start closing the gaps in our multi-use paths, as well as needed crosswalks and pedestrian friendly inter-sections. In some cases, a short stretch linking existing paths could open up miles of safer, new opportunity for walkers and cyclists of all ages and abilities. 

For more information on the Ballot item “A Penny for Paths - Close the Gaps” 

Dorset Street Gap Photo 1
Dorset Street Gap Photo 2

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