NOTICE: Blasting at Burlington International Airport

The City of South Burlington has been notified by Burlington International Airport Director Of Aviation Gene Richards that blasting will soon commence as part of the ongoing construction on the Airport grounds.  The Airport has worked out a means of alerting both air traffic and the surrounding neighborhoods when blasting is planned and commenced.  The following is the procedure Director Richards has established.

It is anticipated that blasting will begin next week.

TW G Blasting Notification Procedure

  1. Airport Operations will be notified at the morning construction meetings, held at 6:30 am, if Maine Drill & Blasting is on site for the day.  Operations will also notify the VT Army Aviation Facility after the daily meeting at 802-338-3503.
  2. 10 minutes prior to a blast the BIC will call Airport Operations on the Ops duty cell phone. Airport Operations will call ATC on 126.3 and give them the 10 minutes warning.  Operations will also notify the VT Army Aviation Facility by phone (802-338-3503) at the 10 minute warning.
  3. Airport Operations will remain clear for blast zone at all times behind the BIC.
  4. ATC will communicate this warning to FAA Tech Ops.
  5. BIC will sound 3 whistles 5 minutes prior to blasting. Ops will call ATC on 126.3 to give them the 5 minute warning. At this notice no aircraft, personnel or equipment may be within the blast radius. No aircraft will be allowed to takeoff or land on Rwy 15-33. Rwy 1-19 may be used and taxiways may be used. Aircraft may be holding on Twy H. Aircraft may hold on Twy N and VTARNG ramp.
  6. BIC will sound 2 whistles 1 minutes prior to blasting.
  7. BIC can halt blasting up to 30 seconds prior to initiating blast if there is an aircraft emergency. ATC will communicate to Airport Ops if there is an emergency and Airport Ops will notify BIC.
  8. Approximately 2 minutes after a successful blast the BIC will issue 1 whistle to signal the ALL CLEAR. Airport Operations will notify ATC on 126.3 of the ALL CLEAR.
  9. Airport Operations will request permission from ATC to inspect all associated movement areas for FOD.