• 180 Market Street

    Community Center

    Proposed community center at 180 Market Street. Future home of public library, senior center, and City Hall. Voters will decide on the November ballot whether to support this project. This long-planned public space in City Center will be partially supported by TIF District funding and City Center Reserve funds.


    Penny for Paths - Filling the gaps

    Learn about this important infrastructure project that connects "gaps" in the bicycle and pedestrian pathways through the city. This is a key project of the Bike & Ped Committee.

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City News

What's happening in our city?
October 01, 2018

Joint City Council Meeting with Planning Commission

Planning & Zoning Director Paul Conner recently provided the City Council with an update on development trends in the community. This included an analysis of recent and more long-term housing construction and population trends; an assessment of where development has taken place over the past several years, broken out by planning & land use areas in the City’s Comprehensive Plan; historic usage and current capacity of the City’s wastewater treatment facilities; development approved and underway in the City Center area; and a map showing areas that are currently developed, approved or under review for development, conserved or restricted from significant development, or potential future development areas in the southeastern portion of the City.

September 28, 2018

Change of Command

On September 28, 2018 We had a Change of Command in the City of South Burlington

September 28, 2018

Please welcome Chief Shawn Burke

The City of South Burlington welcomes Chief Shawn Burke.

Shawn comes from a family history of Police Officers. His dad retired from the NYPD after 20 yrs. and retiring as a Detective Sergeant. With his father being a detective Shawn always had policing in the back of his mind but never imagined himself becoming a chief, until later in his career at the Burlington Police Department.  Shawn lives in Milton with his wife Stephyne and their two sons, Kayden and Kenyon. He is eager to learn about the community’s expectation of their police force and how we can further refine our operations to meet and exceed those expectations.

One hard thing that Shawn believes he faces in his new role, is recruiting qualified officers to fill the vacancies created by the retirement of tenured officers.  However, he is very excited about leading the professional and committed staff of the South Burlington Police Department at a time of uncertainty in American policing. Many communities are at odds with their police force. South Burlington embraces and supports their police, continued community policing efforts in line with the community’s expectations will be crucial in maintaining what South Burlington enjoys today.

clock February 05, 2018


In 2014, the City of South Burlington, under the leadership of its Energy Committee (SBEC), joined a competition called the Georgetown University Energy Prize (GUEP).

During the two-year measurement period, SBEC hosted or participated in over 50 events, laying the foundation for ongoing progress.  South Burlington residents took action and are now saving over $750,000 in energy costs per year as a result – and continued savings will lead to more than $5 million in their pockets over time. 
clock January 25, 2018

Police Chief Trevor Whipple to Retire in 2019

South Burlington Chief of Police Trevor Whipple has announced his plans to retire from the Police Department in January 2019.  Whipple has served as Chief for 12 years and has ushered in many modern and innovative approaches to law enforcement and public engagement.
clock November 16, 2017


The closed landfill is a model of responsible solar siting. The solar array was commissioned on October 11, 2017 and a ribbon-cutting ceremony was held on November 16.

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